The Toms of WordPress

Tom Harrigan

Senior Dev at Code & Theory

Enjoy working on high traffic WP sites. Fan of sliders, sometimes. WordCamp speaker. Formerly at WooThemes and HowAboutWe.

I’m a fairly average Tom

WordPress developer at Pragmatic Limited

I have a ginger cat named Woody. He came from a rescue centre. Sometimes he helps me code.

Tom McFarlin

Owner of Pressware; Employee of

I run Pressware where I provide custom WordPress development and services, and Dev Practices - a tumblr about a day in the life of a programmer.

This is the best online community in which I've ever participated - so many neat people!

Tom Hermans

designer / developer, WordPress-dev, free-lancer.

I create custom WordPress themes, design&code, custom plugins or hack existing ones.
I work parttime as freelance frontend/design guy at Sony Europe UX team.
Did a talk at two WordCamps (NL) and a few meetups, contribute in forums and wherever I can and evangelise WP (in Drupal-country..)
fond of music, played with LEGO as a kid.

Tom J Nowell

WordPress Developer at Code for The People

Moomins, cats, sarcasm, QA tools, AI, and space

Tom Willmot

Co-founder & CEO of Human Made Limited, also Happytables, WP Remote & Rufflr

Tommy Creenan

Front End Developer

Front End Developer at Luminus Media. Part-time illustrator. Using WordPress since 2009.

Tom Tong

London based Wordpress Dev

Tom Auger

Senior Partner, Zeitguys Inc, WordPress contributor, WordCamp Toronto co-organizer

Tom Siodlak

Designer @

Web & Interface Designer. I love creating simple and effective websites that will help communicate your message.

I'm a WordPress Tom!

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