The Toms of WordPress

Tom Hermans

designer / developer, WordPress-dev, free-lancer.

I create custom WordPress themes, design&code, custom plugins or hack existing ones.
I work parttime as freelance frontend/design guy at Sony Europe UX team.
Did a talk at two WordCamps (NL) and a few meetups, contribute in forums and wherever I can and evangelise WP (in Drupal-country..)
fond of music, played with LEGO as a kid.

Tom Auger

Senior Partner, Zeitguys Inc, WordPress contributor, WordCamp Toronto co-organizer

Tom Willmot

Co-founder & CEO of Human Made Limited, also Happytables, WP Remote & Rufflr

Tom Harrigan

Senior Dev at Code & Theory

Enjoy working on high traffic WP sites. Fan of sliders, sometimes. WordCamp speaker. Formerly at WooThemes and HowAboutWe.

Tommy Creenan

Front End Developer

Front End Developer at Luminus Media. Part-time illustrator. Using WordPress since 2009.

Tom McFarlin

Owner of Pressware; Employee of

I run Pressware where I provide custom WordPress development and services, and Dev Practices - a tumblr about a day in the life of a programmer.

This is the best online community in which I've ever participated - so many neat people!

Tom J Nowell

WordPress Developer at Code for The People

Moomins, cats, sarcasm, QA tools, AI, and space

I’m a fairly average Tom

WordPress developer at Pragmatic Limited

I have a ginger cat named Woody. He came from a rescue centre. Sometimes he helps me code.

Tom Siodlak

Designer @

Web & Interface Designer. I love creating simple and effective websites that will help communicate your message.

Tom Tong

London based Wordpress Dev

I'm a WordPress Tom!

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